Monday, August 31, 2015

Too many baths.

Today a child I work with threw a chair across the room. She's five. It's not all that shocking I have had chairs and desks, shoes, lunch trays you name it pretty much has been tossed in my general direction. But today I heard about it after the fact. I was not involved and it didn't make me feel really any better. World Cerebral Palsy day is coming. A day to bring about awareness. I don't need a day for that. Our Joe is great and he's doing fine physically and mentally. He struggles in school but he has a lot of support. People in white coats tell me he will be a tax paying citizen some day. How great is that? There you are with the life you created "Congratulations you created a tex payer". While I get what they are saying , what they mean I guess everyone hopes they have given birth to the star quarterback, next great rock star, doctor. While Derek struggles with the big birthday looming and all that it means to me a grown up. Good luck with that kid. I don't know the mean of life. I don't get what it all means. It feels like this very long road you keep walking on and others seems to have nicer things to look on the way, a smoother road more stops, more "Go directly to GO" cards then I feel some days I have. Is the full moon? Is it a sore throat? Is it working with kids that make hurt my heart some days? I don't know. I try to count my blessing and be grateful and some days I drink wine and take long baths.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I know for sure.

I've learned a lot lately. Working with children with Autism has taught me much. I love them all dearly. They are so sweet and kind and they see the world far differently than we do. The wind, running water in a faucet is a cause for fascination. I see the world every day through their eyes and I love the new perspective. I learned that boys grow up too fast and some die too soon. That life is short and every minitue is a moment or should be. I will tell you that that 9lb 1 oz bundle of joy that I loved form the moment I knew he was growing inside of me and has grown up and has his own thoughts and ideas about the world. He will go out into the world and he will change it. I have no doubt. I will tell you that my uncles passing was shocking and sudden we were not prepared to lose him this weekend. I didn't have much of a relationship with him really he was the kindest person, who bought me my first martini, and always complimentated me on the boys. Those words will never be forgotten. The weekend is over and it's time to get ready to go back to work. Back to my other kids and see what new and exciting things they will show me. What can I show them? I am trying every day to see their world and it's beautiful and magical

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Juicy Reads

After reading the 50 shades trilogy I felt I need a break (and a cold shower, or a good scrubbing, that is one dirty book) and I had a hard time finding something to dive into. I have seen "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseni but my local library didn't have it. They did have "A Thousand Splendid Suns" so I picked it up. What an amazing book! I loved this book. It gave me a new perspective of the lives of the people living in the middle east. How war torn that country has been, how many generations of lives touched by these wars. The lives of women and children in that region are so unlike the lives of us in the United States, it's unbelievable. I highly recommend this book to everyone. This book reminded me of my love for "Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck. I adore that book. To read of the suffering of the people of China. The story of how hard fathers worked to secure better lives for their children. So once again I am left to wonder about and find another great book to sink into. To get lost in. Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok seriously maybe not the BIGGEST but a big one. Ready? Here goes. When people put up garage sale signs and don't take them down. Really folks go take them down. Have you had some Go Girl drinks ever? So good. I thought I loved the peach one but today I am having a Pomegranate Star Fruit one. OH MY GOSH SO SO GOOD.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I confess.

Heaven help me I love a good court show. Not those drama court shows, you know I like Judge Joe Brown or Swift Justice. Where they are basically small claims court. LOVE THEM. The things people do. The back and forth. LOVE THEM. What I hate is.... bad grammar. Kills me. Does that even sound correct to you? "I got my hair did before I go to her place and she took my bag after I gots there." Really Lady? Yes it is baffling to us as well that you are in small claims court. But I love them. Those shows and Animal Cops Houston or Miami or whatever city they are in. Stella and I watch them but they make me sad to see dogs tied of an left with out food or water. So sad. I want to take them all home. It's a good thing I have Dominic or every stray would live with me and I would be crazy dog lady. Not cat lady but crazy dog lady for sure. No gym this week. So much for the discipline huh? We can talk about that later. Joe's been going to football camp and he loves it. That boy can throw a pretty good ball. Perfect spiral. Not sure how he does that. Just one more night of it, I am sure he's going to miss it.

Monday, June 25, 2012


We had a great weekend. Saturday we were invited to Joe's 3rd grade teachers cabin in Big Trees. We took a 1 mile walk then had lunch at her cabin. So nice to visit with her and her husband and son. It was a long drive but the trees are so pretty. The weather was perfect. We saw squirrels and deer. It was great. Sunday we had a "trip hangover" for sure. BIG TIME. Derek and I slept off and on most of the day. I swear I had a sore neck from looking up all the tall trees along the hike. We Bar B Qued and just hung out. Today it's back to my boyfriends place Gym. I haven't seen him since Friday. I think he missed me. ;) So anyone into the "Go Girl" energy drinks like I am? I love them. So good. But I swear they give me a headache. Anyone experience that? Ok have a great day y'all.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Everybody's doing it.

Some times I am slow to jump on the latest trend. Some times I don't jump at all. Things I have not jumped on. * Tattoo. Have seriously considered it but feel I might be too old for this. * Toms Shoes can't see myself wearing these. * Crocs * iPhone. * Highlighted hair. * Words all over my house.You know those Love, Laugh Live, wooden ones. They are very popular but not me. * Watching Glee. Not that I am judging anyone that does any of the following things. I think the Tom's shoes are super cute, I think the iPhone is really wonderful but not for me. Ok so lets talk about running and these mud runs. You can't swing a cat and not hit someone doing a mud run or into running these days. What in the world is this about? I am happy for these women who have found something they love and that's good for them (the running) what makes them run in mud still puzzles me. But I am not going to take up running any time soon and I am not about to run into any mud either. I try to avoid mud at all costs. Zumba. I see and boy do I hear those hollering ladies at the gym in their zumba class. In there flashy green and orange clothes. Lined up. LINED UP! To get into the class. What in the world. It's letting your inner Shakira run wild. I get that. Go girl get your Zumba on. Ok and men in Zumba weirds me out a little. And while you're in there doing your best J.Lo have you seen the men on the outside looking in? They do you know. They "look" like they are doing a round of weights but they aren't. I see them watching you ladies jump around. No thanks. My dancing takes place at home in miss matched clothes. I dig the music when I hear it pumping through the gym walls and some times I think you all have hurt yourselves when I hear ya yelling. That would be my luck. I would pull something and no one would help me, they would just think I am really into my class. Nope you go girl. Get your sweat on. But there are some things I have joined. Like reading the whole Fifty Shades trilogy. Holy Smokey bed sheets those books are pretty wild. I know there is some debate about it being poorly written but seriously if you're reading it for a good piece of written material what were you thinking? It's pure entertainment. So I am one of those people now. It's Twilight for the older crowed. Set in Seattle. Brunette girl, copper haired guy. It's Audi's instead of Volvo's. I get it. It's a good summer read. So count me in. I think here I am in my 40's an finally accepted and have stopped trying to be in the in crowd and that's just fine by me.