Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Aint No Holler Back Girl!

I dig Gwen Stefani I do. I like No Doubt. But this new album of hers is just not to my liking. I am not Banana's for it at all.
So she has her LAMB wear clothing stuff. Ok. I feel a bit too old for it (and I think she's pretty close to my age actually) have you seen this stuff? No hmm well let me tell you I am all about pajamas. I love them. I prefer Victoria Secrets actually. Well Gwennie has some. They come in olive green with yellow bananas on them and are you ready for this .... they are $96.!!!! What the?
I aint no hollerback girl. No way. Just cant see that happening.


Anonymous said...
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Illegally Blonde said...

Oh no, I have to disagree. I love Love Angel Music Baby, I think it's the best Gwen/No Doubt album to date. My favourite song on there is "Cool", and second is "Serious".

Tammy G said...

I know I know girls. I have tried. I really have. Every new song I find myself saying "Ok THIS will be the one I dig" and sadly nope. And I really like No Doubt even the way back old stuff. But I just cannot get into this new banana stuff.