Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I bitch and moan and complain too much.
I fall to my knees and pray for better things no more bad things happening to us.
And I read about a 12 year old boy ejected from a car in an accident. His father dies at the scene. The boy suffers major head trauma and several strokes. His mother is left to face all of this alone and grieve for her husband. What is her sons future? With therapy and braces , yes we know the drill. We have heard the answers. There are no crystal balls.
I scream I know her son is alive and she is greatful. I am greatful mine is too. I am sadden he is suffering. I am saddened that Joseph has his struggles.
Life is hard enough dont you think with out of all this?
I do.
It could always be worse has been my quote for the last 4 years. I would like to change that. I would but I dont dare....because...well
it... could...always....be...worse.

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