Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You know those coffee cups that are all stained and chipped you just know that that owner LOVES that cup. No other cup will do. A new cup would be spiffy but there is just something about THIS cup. It holds just the right amount,the handle is just right. It's not perfect it's not shiny and new it might even have an ugly something on the outside but to the owner it's just perfect.

Is the cup half empty?
Is it half full?
Are you just happy to have a damn cup?

Do you need room for cream and sugar?

It's just a cup. It's just life. Like I said before it could always be worse. We all have our woe is me story our point we just can barely take. It sure looks better over there in that house in their life they have the gadgets and the toys and the trips and it seems our pockets are full.

But we never fight. We dont argue. We disagree but it's never a battle. We love each other crazy over the top. Tears are happy ones and we are joined together by all that we have gone thru. Even Derek knows it.
I am happy to have a cup. Its a nice stained, chipped up of love that's for sure.

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