Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dont Forget.... ever!

Please dont forget today. Ever.
Please dont let the loss and saddness and fear you felt this day. Ever.
Please dont forget the images you saw this day. Ever
Please dont forget to tell your children when they ask where you were, what you felt, about the people that died, the fire fighters that died, the pilots, the passengers. Talk to them about it.
Please remember today when you look up to the sky how you just never could have imagined that something like that would happen but it did, and what will it be next time? Sadly I fear there will be a next time. But I will leave those comments are for another time.
Today is for remembering and for holding your family a little bit longer and little bit tighter. Calling that person you havent spoken to in a long time just say "I only have a few moments but I wanted to say hello and lets set a date right now to talk again"'
Call your momma, call your sister and that cousin you had the bestest time with when you were little.
Play with your kids, and eat a wonderful meal and a nice glass of wine.
And be thankful for every precious breath you take today.
And dont ever forget. Ever.

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