Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday... shake your butt

Some days it doesnt pay to get out of bed.

We were all up late last night for Derek's birthday. We had cake and coffee too late, he had presents he had opened and wanted to play with. I think he had a really nice day.
But this morning, oh the agony of this morning. We over slept. I opened my eyes to find the clock reading 7:41!!! We usually head out the door at 8:06!!! Derek wanted to ride his new scooter to school and we should have been on our way by 7:41 so that fact sent him in to hystericas. His day was ruined. He never wanted to ride his scooter again EVER. He couldnt chew and get dressed at the same time why was I being so horrible. Joy. Oh the Joy.

But it's Friday right? Weekend coming right?
And what does it mean when you dream that your friend put in a golf course in theri back yard and bought an orange car?


Val said...

Was it me? Maybe it means I'm going to win the lottery tomorrow. But I want a Purple Corvette. Not an orange one.

Anonymous said...

I use to have an orange car...That car did see a lot of action :)

The next best car to that one was the Hooptie

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhh....... the orange car.
Do you remember my old Camaro from HS?
How I miss that sucker. I wish I was still in it, but that would make me 18 again.
Hmmmmm... yes! I definitely wish I was in it again!


nope said...


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