Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Webster defines life as
the thing that distinguishes a dead organism or inanimate object esp the ability to grow, metabolism, respond to stimuli and reproduce.

Some say life is short. Life is not short, what can you do that is longer than live? Some lives are cut short that's for sure, but for the most part life is long. That is not to say that each day is not to be lived to the fullest but gee whiz a life of 365 days of fullness is just too much for me some times. I need them to blend and blur in to one another with pockets of fullness. Sometimes there is just too much lif going on. I need to just zone out.

I watch my boys grow SO fast and I do want to hit pause for a moment but hopefully we all have a long wonderful life ahead of this and of all this stuff that sometimes clutters it up will give us wonderful fond memories.
I have been working too much and sleeping way too little. It's getting to me.

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val said...

I understand this all too much. What you need is a long weekend with your husband...maybe somewhere beachy. You've needed that for years now. In the words of Nike...Just Do It!