Friday, September 02, 2005

What matters to me.

What matters most to me

There are things I want to say about the horrible disaster in the south. There are things I agree with and many things I do not. Ways people are reacting that are just unbelievable.

Dominic's unit has been called and are on the way. He has not had orders yet but they are going on 30 day rotations so maybe the next trip. It almost seems as dangerous as Iraq.

I was thinking just today that sometimes I complain of my lack of material possessions like a house and nice furniture, clothes, shoes, etc, and when you see the 100,000 people who have lost everything it sort of levels the playing field. I slept last night with all that I needed, my three boys close to me. The rest just doesn't matter.

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Jenn said...

It's true.

The residents of that region of the country have been devastated and have nothing. We are all kings compared to them and what they now have.

What matters to you and what matters to me (and everyone) is just what we have...our families.

If Dominic goes, I wish him well but I know he'll be doing a great service to those in the South. We can't be there but we have given a little bit of money. Maybe that can help in some small way.