Saturday, October 15, 2005

Forget Me Not...Always

For Lucas Andrew Mendoza. Happy Birthday. Always in our hearts. Always with us. All of us. Today and forever.
We love you.

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Jenn said...

Thanks Tammy. You know what? You are literally the only one who said the exact right perfect thing. How is that?

When you have lost someone, in my case, a child, it's odd you know. To watch and listen as others struggle with what to say. Not mad at all about it, just saying, it's odd. Odd for me and odd for them. And once enough time has passed, I think people think it's better to forget or not say a word or just say light silly things about it. I don't know. No one is perfect. Who am I to expect it?

Thanks for being you. No matter the things we disagree about (and that's what makes the world go round) I always know you are there. Thanks for remembering Lucas in a perfect way. Just thanks.