Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is it over yet?

Derek loves soccer. Joseph is anxious to get on to the field. Dom loves the sport. I dig it more the more I am around it.
But this year, this season has been rough. My GOD.
Our coach has been difficult, unorganized and unprofessional. Our team is full of ball hogs, it's all about the team to beat and the final score and nothing about fun.
It's almost over and we have assured Derek we will do everything in our power so he will not have this team or this coach next year.
It's this kind of thing that can ruin a kids love for a sport. He's got some decent skills, his confidence has been shaken by this season. I hate that. You cant even talk to Dominic about it, it makes him crazy. If only he'd coach next year that would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

It's not that soccer crazy around here but Noah does love it.

Ya gotta tell someone about the coach so maybe he doesn't 'get' to coach next season. Just a thought.

Having a bad coach like that can ruin the love of a sport. I know cause I saw it happen to someone.


Jenn said...


go to settings and choose for comments that the person leaving a comment has to see a code all swirly like. I did it and my annonymous blog comments have all but ceased. They say a few still get through but it helps stop it in general.