Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Soul Bumpers

I call them soul bumpers.
They bump against you an encounter, a gesture a passing phrase and it stays with you.
Or maybe it's just the bestest thing you need right when you needed it, and it stays with you.
They calm me. They help me see a side of life and people I miss when I am in a hurry or just too rushed from life.

Roz bumped me. She invited us over for breakfast some months back. It was so nice to sit and break bread with her and Joe and Sam. Joseph was brand new and it was calm in a storm I needed right then. She always has a way of just popping up when I need it. Sometimes it's German Chocolate Cake right after my birthday, or just reminding me to give out more hugs.

Liz bumps me. She'll just show up on my caller ID with that infectious laugh and her view on life. So much has happened to her that could cause her to be heavily medicated and bitter but she's not. She comes when we invite her at the drop of a hat. She'll call for no reason at all. And she'll tell you this story that has so many twist and turns in it I find myself hanging on her every word.

Austin he bumped me. It was a simple conversation over a mop. I was taken by his humbleness. His need to learn and teach. So young and yet so full of so much insight. His soul is a million years old.

Derek bumps me. Yesterday he gets in the car and says "Oh Jospeh I made you a card at school today" and he pulls out this folded up piece of paper that he wrote " To baby bro from DeDa" and he drew Spongebob and Blue on it. How sweet is that? I told him it was sweet and he said "I just wanted to show him I loved him" and the tears in my eyes almost made me wreck the car.

It's not something I can tell anyone to do. These people don't go out and say "who's soul can I bump today?" no it's just in them. But I strive to be that. One day all of this I am going thru will help me help others. I just know it. Plus I 'll have the added wisdom and love I got from my soul bumpers.

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