Thursday, October 27, 2005

Talk and Breathe

Sometimes I hold my breath too much. When Derek is on my last nerve. When customers are getting to me. I'll go in to the back room and sigh heavily and co-workers will ask why I am sighing and I dont even realize I am doing it. When I am working out I dont breath right. It's a control issues isnt it?

I had a nice chat with an old friend last night. I dont know where to put this person in my life or where I fit in theirs. Our lives are very different in so many ways. Yet we always find something to talk about.

It's funny how people weave in and out of my life. Sometimes I just dont have time to breath but a chance meeting late in the evening sure helped to reenergize my soul.
Thank you for that. I was able to sit and breath for a few moments and not many people are able to help me do that.

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