Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who is this?

Daily extended (by
There's only one person on the face of the planet at this moment in time who can absolutely help you to figure out what to do -- you know it and they know it. The thing is, you haven't seen them for a while, and you're not quite sure where they are. Okay. Get those antennae working, and find them. Give them a buzz, send an email, or show up at their door. It's time to reconnect, anyway. -

I dont know who this could be. I wish I did. I so could use help. Rough day. Damn rough day. These days bring me to my knees... and cold stone.

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Val said...

You've been talking about the big G lately?
Right now a big Coke would be the answer to my problem, I'm really thirsty.