Monday, November 28, 2005

Come on get happy!!!

I am trying.
It's gray and cold which I am digging...sort of. I just want to sleep under the blankets and feel really rested. Joseph slept for 4 hours straight Saturday night and I woke feeling so good. Last night was another story for sure. He was up every hour from 3 am till 8 am. I just cant get in to the deep sleep I need.
BUT I honestly believe that it's due to his stroke and there isnt much I can do about it, and I just cant get mad at him. But when I am tired like this I am not a very good mommy some time. I am short and crabby.

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Jenn said...

Don't be crabby; be happy. Yeah, easier said than done.

Still never went to Starbucks. Will I ever go?