Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jingle Bells.

Last night was our holiday kick off party for work. To walk in to a building and see Santa hats and hear Christmas music and see a Christmas tree, man it just felt too early. It really made me cringe. But as the evening wore on and the gingerbread cookies and holiday blend coffee flowed I started to get a little excited. I have a really great bunch of coworkers I really like from top management all the way down to the bottom. ( I think I am the bottom as the newest person)

I saw this inflatable at WalMart and want it so bad but it's not going to happen this year. Maybe next year all the things I have had to say this year about things not happening will happen. There is hope in 06 right?
Or maybe my life is like this poor Santa stuck in snow globe same recycled snow over and over.
As long as no one comes along and pops it I guess that's ok.

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