Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I am ready for this to be O V E R!

yes I begin with a sigh.
I am still not feeling well, neither is Joseph. What kid lays on the floor and begs for "nose" medicine? yeah. My lip is all broken out with cold sores.
I have gotten them since I was a child and when I am sick or stressed I seem to get lots more. I have 4 of them.UGH. My lip hurts.
So we ventured out to take a package to the UPS store that we got by mistake. We went in to Walgreens to get some Lysine for my cold sores, we were gonna get some lunch and head home. It was cold and windy, I dressed the boys warm but I just put on a sweater.
After Walgreens I get in to the car, back out of the spot and find I have a flat tire. A VERY FLAT TIRE. Flat as a pancake, this car isnt going anywhere flat.
So I call Dom at work his cell is not one. I call my dad at work. He still has 30 minutes until he can get off so we sit and we wait. The boys and I decide to go in and get a pizza and wait. My dad arrived and changed the flat in the freezing cold, wind while I prayed it did not start to rain that would be the icing on the cake.
Yes I stood there and said "Thank God I was not on the freeway" and all the good stuff, but even Derek said "are we just a bad luck magnet?" Sometimes it feels like it.
I am ready for this stinking year to be over. OVER. I cant honestly think of one wonderful blessed thing that happend. NOT ONE!
So Derek said we are in for the night, lock the door and call it over. It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I could not agree more.


Anonymous said...

not one blessed thing??? there has got to be something. how about your father coming to help you? try to think of some more.

Jenn said...

Tammy: here's my stab at it...
-you got a job
-Joseph continues to forge ahead and this past year, you faced some big headaches with the 'county' but got through it (not great but it's something)
-you lived through another tough year but YOU LIVED THROUGH IT

I won't let you cry in your beer because I think you had some golden moments; small they may have been but you stop and think, there were some. Weren't there? I won't go on about me (cause I could) but there was some good, even in the bad. 2005 wasn't a total wash. uh uh.


Anonymous said...

If everyone sat around feeling sorry for themselves this world would be a miserable place. There are plenty of people out there worse off than you..and you know thats the truth!