Friday, December 02, 2005

Whatcha want for Christmas?!?!

We do this thing at dinner just about every night.... we say "QUICK... name 5 things ....." and we change it up... and we go round and round... like what you did today, what you ate today, what you saw today. Joseph is starting to be able to get in on the fun but monstly he taps his fingers to his jaw as if he's thinking and he'll yell out any old thing like "RED" and laugh or just scream.

The past few times we've done this the game has been name 5 things you want for Christmas but we change it to "money is no option" or "could fit in the palm of your hand" or "you would like to give to someone else" it's big fun.
So here's my list.... give me yours.....

1. gloves. I need some gloves in a bad way. It's really cold when I get off of work and the car has been sitting out and it's cold and well I am just darn cold. I have been using Dom's and it's not working. Funny thing is I got Derek some the other day without even blinking any eye about it but none for me.
2. socks. some wonderful cozy soft socks.
3. earrings any I always lose them i get them at claires and a week later I lose them. I kid you now.
4. a new sweatshirt. the one I have is an Army sweatshirt...need I say more. Zip up please.
5. a new watch. Joseph threw mine across Safeway and it just hasnt been the same.

ok that's it I am done. I am leaving cookies out for you Santa Baby.

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