Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hello Dear, How was your day?

Today we had a workshop for Joseph's IEP and IFSP. We are tansitioning out of home visits to actual school district special education. It was a 2 and one half hour meeting. We came home with a three pound book of information and a terrible headache.
There is only so much one can take sitting there listening to all that one must do to insure that your child is educated properly. It is clearly stated the state will not do what is "best" for you child only what is "appropriate" how nice is that? It's not that I wont do it for him it makes me mad that this happened and I have to do it.
And while the speaker spoke about all the people assembled to write your IEP (Individual Education Plan) and all the accessors and if you don't agree what you should do and the whole process I was reminded of a wonderful little boy at home watching the "BIG SCOOP" picking up the garbage his favorite day of the week. When all of the people involved have made theses BIG decisions for him he will be one that it affects. He will be the one in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria. Yes it hurts me, it breaks my heart.
Oh and your kid is not normal, your kid is "typically developed" how is that?

Keep your comments to yourself if they are aren't nice I am not in the mood and I have a 3 pound book I would like to throw at you if you do decide to say something.

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