Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kid Stuff.

I am the mom.
I take the kids to the doctor for the check ups and when they are sick most of the time. Dominic has done it too but I do it most of the time.

So when I clean out ears, or they have runny noses I have to know what color it is. The doctor will ask me. I have to know when they had a movement last. I can tell you when each of them had a movement last. I said to Dominic last night it's been a few days for Joseph and it should be coming. He asked how on earth I could know it, I have to.
So I have loaded the poor baby up on fruit and shredded wheat and still nothing.

One time Derek when Derek was a baby we were introducing the wonderful world of solids and things were a bit stopped up as his body was adjusting. I gave him prunes to move things along and happily headed to mall. Who knew it would take like 30 minutes for those darn prunes to kick in! At the mall no less.

So when I start to threaten to give them prunes Dominic says "oh no you dont"

So Joseph is a bit stopped up I am sure his tummy is hurting and he's walking around saying "poopie". I gave him an apple and said "eat the apple baby it helps the poopie come out" I glance over and see he took the apple and stuck it down his pants.

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