Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I just got the WW magazine. And this lady was 36 years old and had a heart attack. YIKES. It scared me. Her arteries were 50 percent blocked.
How many french fries, pastries, milk shakes, hamburgers have I eaten over my life time? How many do I let my kids eat?
It really scared me.
Scares me for you too.
I know how you eat. You know who you are.
I know who I am too.

I am might point 1 finger at you but 4 are pointing back at me it's true.

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Jenn said...

oh sister! sing it to me! Sing ----------it--------to---------me!!!!!

Loud and clear. God help me, I gotcha. Remember--Ivan's brother died when he was 35 from a heart attack. 35! It IS scary.

What to do? OY.