Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The braces are on.
We spent an hour and half and he did a wonderful job. I highly recommend Dr Andrew Trosien for all of your orthodontic needs. (plug plug, tell them I sent ya and I could use a cool $1000 off my bill thanks)
He's sore. He's grumpy. Not his normal grumpy self but grumpy. I have a raging headache but it's done they are on.

Can you please tell me why Joseph has to change his clothes multiple times a day. Last night he had his zip up feety jammies on, he decided he didnt want to wear his diaper so he unzipped his jammies and took off his jammies and then zipped his jammies right up... with his weenie stuck in the zipper. Ouchie Ouchie.
The look on his face was pure terror. He wasn't saying anything he was just staring at me as if he could not believe the pain he was experiencing. Poor baby. Then he hurt his finger later in the evening and then told daddy, today bad day daddy, I hurt my weenie, I hurt my finger, bad day. Bad day indeed.

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