Saturday, March 17, 2007


I hate ants. I am not a fan of many critters but ants is top on my list.
My front porch is covered in them.

The ants they love Joseph. He always has some type of food in his hand dropping bits and pieces here and there they love that.

I have sprayed and while I was spraying they were crawling on the can! THAT did me in big time. Stupid ants.

Our neighbors believe in all natural remedies for killing pests like populating the area with bugs that will in turn eat/kill the ants. I would rather invest in an ant eater thank you very much.

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Dick Tracy said...

Ants are bad enough, but I freak out when I see spiders.. really ! I run screaming like a LITTLE GIRL :-), that's not a good thing, since I am a 32 year old guy.