Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I am not one of those people that will clean the house on a schedule like every Saturday or every Tuesday. No way. And I am not one of those people that feels the house has to be clean all the time.
I like a clean house. I like it much better when it's clean but I have issues when the 3 other people around here who dont help me at all. I do it all everything. Laundry, dishes, make beds, pick up clean, mop you get the idea.
I knew someone that would stay up till well after midnight to clean her house. Nope not me. I know someone who thinks your house should look like company is coming all the time. WOW. I think my house has more of that lived in look.
If the sun is out chances are there are at least 3-5 kids in my house. Yesterday they ate cheese and Popsicles, today it's water guns. I bought them I know what I am up against.

I think when I am all done with school and back to work I might just have to hire someone to come clean the house for me. There are 4 women on the block that have maids that come every week. They spend 2 hours cleaning up which explains. 1. Why their houses look so nice. 2. Why all the kids are at my house all the time. Cant mess up the clean house they will say. Hmmm.
I guess the kids will remember the fun they had at our house.

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