Friday, March 09, 2007

Mr. Smarty Pants.

Derek has been having some issues with multiplication tables. He just can't seem to memorize them. I am so not sure what the deal is.
Dominic and I have tried a few things and nothing seems to help the connections get made.
So last night I told him when I was young my friend Michelle was the smarty smarty one. And I wanted so badly to be the smarty smarty one. And I asked her how she memorized the multiplication tables and she said "I practice on the weekends" and I thought well forget THAT weekends are for playing and watching cartoons HELLO? But how could I beat her if giving up cartoons was the answer.
So I practiced a little and I never caught up but she came in first and I came in second and back then it was good enough. I thought maybe he had a spit of the Kahn competition spark in him
because in my family everything is a contest or tournament and my dad will beat on two crickets walking down the street so I asked Derek "who is the kid in class that has all the answers and seems just so smart you want to be as smart as him or her?" to which he quickly replied
" Mom that would be me".

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