Saturday, March 31, 2007

Numbers Game

I have never been good with numbers.

What's the balance in your bank account? What's the balance on your credit cards? What does the check book say you have?
What's your credit score?
What does the scale say? What does the size tag on your jeans say? What's your cholesterol? Your blood pressure?
How many weeks of school? How many years left?
How much does that cost? How much do you need? Do you have enough?
How much do you make an hour? How much do you make in a year?
How many miles on your car?

It's enough to make a girl crazy.

If you really want to see me go bonkers.... ask me a numbers question... I die a little inside with every question.
I don't always rattle the numbers off but I know them. Oh yes I know them all. They are what I think about when I fall asleep every night. How much money? How many bills? The scale, the scale the scale, the checkbook, the bills. I can rattle off every month bill without even thinking twice.
I want to be in balance. I want all of these numbers to balance out. I want them to not be so important in my life. From the bank to the scale. I dont want these numbers to be so important any more.
That is my bottom line.

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DickTracy said...

Have automatic payments done directly from your bank account for fixed payments like, car, credit card and mortgage. Then only think about the numbers that change :-)