Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It's 12:50 in the afternoon and the ice cream man is driving about. I guess he thinks we stay at home moms will sneak out and grab a Dora bar. Stupid man. I guess he doesnt know all the kids are in school for a few more hours. With gas at $3.00 a gallon is he really getting ahead? Well at his prices yes he is. I remember when the ice cream was like what 50 cents? Now they are $1.50 or they will take whatever you have in your hand I swear. I never send the kids out with more than $2.00 that's a dollar each and the man always takes it never refuses. Never send them out with a $5.00. And my new spring/summer 2007 rule is only ice cream from the truck man once a month till June then only once a week in the summer. Derek got it but Joseph squinted up his eyes and said "What momma say?" then asked my mom who forked over the cash and he was eating a Spongebob face before I got the full explanation out. Ahh Nana's.

Joseph's teacher has been out for a few days. It didn't even bother him at all. Monday he told us his teacher was in China. Oh really? "Yes in China." he said it so matter of factly. The last time she was out for a bit he told us she went to "The bear football game" and being a Berkeley alumni I thought it was possible. Dominic said the game that weekend was in Tennessee and not likely she was at the game. When she came back we told her this gem of a story and turns out she was in Tennessee and the game so I am not too quick to dismiss the China story.
I am going to ask her today where she was. I'll let you all know.

You Myspace fans check out my spot and check out the challenge my friend John has up. Game on baby. It's ON LIKE POPCORN... (please don't ask Dom's Army buddy use to say that all the darn time and now we do too. What it means I cant even tell you other than the popcorn thing you call for the time is on all the time so maybe that's it I don't know.)

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