Friday, June 08, 2007


I have 4 diapers in the house. I do not want to buy anymore. If Joseph pee's in the potty he will get his. Look the doors open and everything.
I read on the hemipleiga board of messages it's not uncommon for children who have had strokes to not truly master bathroom skills till 9 or 10. Lordy.
Why cant anything be easy for us? I am just wondering.
Send potty vibes ok?

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Jenn said...

Sending potty vibes. {{{{{}}}}}

Did you feel it? Here's more


Try putting fruity cheerios in the potty for him to aim at. Try putting a bowl of candy in the bathroom out of his reach that each time he does it, he gets a piece of candy. Put a small hand held bell in there and ring it to the high Heavens when he does it. What does he love most most most in the world? Put stickers on his hand each time he does it.

Ok, the firetruck looks good too.


Love Jenn