Sunday, July 01, 2007


If you can believe it our car (The Nissan) was rear-ended today in Stockton. We were looking at a puppy and after we left the house we were sitting at a stop light and this lady didn't notice we were stopped and she rear ended us. I cannot even believe it happened. No way.
The kicker...she was uninsured. Just told us straight up she has no insurance, she is on "aid" and she has 3 kids. sigh.
I called our insurance company and customer service said "Is this the same car that was hit in April" Why yes indeed it is.
Isnt that swell?

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Anonymous said...

I believe Esther as we were swimming this week. I said, "Don't get a DOG"
"Bad things will happen" (Though I meant to your carpet not your car, but still bad things) I am glad you all are O.K. though