Tuesday, July 24, 2007


When you go out to eat the prices are usually on the menu. The price of gas is on the sign. For the most part you pretty much know how much things cost. But the dentist has no price list, no sheet to let you know that a cleaning cost this much and x-rays cost this. So when it's all done and they say "Mom come this way so we can take care of the bill" and they show you and they say "We would like $230 from you today" and say "So would I" and she's straight face and I say "Can I make payments" and she says "We would like the full amount" I am sure you would sister. I had no idea they were going to want $230 TODAY. And they want a credit card you can just pull out and take care of it buy honey I dont have a credit card and I don't have $230. So what are they going to do put the tooth back in? UGH.
Long story short we worked it out and they are happy and well.. I am not not really but what can I do. But how can I avoid this in the future? I know walk around with a large sum of money in my pocket or in my bank account that would be just great but as long as uninsured motorist are out there hitting my car and I have to keep replacing car seats and paying for doctor bills and dentist bills I dont see large sums of money accumulating in my account any time soon.
This has been the year of car repairs and dentist, teeth.

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