Monday, July 23, 2007

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What a day. Another day.
Should have been an easy day. A small list of things to do, boom, bang get them done.
Had to take Joseph to the lab for blood work and urine sample. Could not get him to pee in the cup or anything other than a diaper. We bribed him and he just would not budge. So they skip that and move on to the blood. Apparently they were taking out a lot of blood and needed authorization from a doctor to do so. Big fat sigh. We waited, they called, he saw other kids and lots of people have blood drawn he was gettin nervous.After nearly an hour of waiting I told them we were leaving and to call me when they were ready he was getting agitated. So off we went, 2 hours later they call they are ready. We show up and they were so not ready. We arrived just before 4 and they did not draw his blood till well after 5.

20 cc's of blood. 20 vials of blood. They label it all get him all bandaged up and find 4 more they forgot to fill. GROAN! So they had to take more out of his other arm. I have to say he did great, he cried a little but I think he was scared more than anything and 20 cc's of blood is a lot when you're 4.

So off to the lab they go and we wait for results. The deal is you get 1 sticker for each vial of blood they draw... yup he got 24 stickers, apple juice, a ride on the elevator, he got to see the fireman escape hatch of the building daddy laid it on think.
We hop into the car and he has a new car seat and we're getting ready to go and SNAP daddy snaps his penis in the new buckle. That was it, he could not take a moment more. He said "I just wanna go home and go to my room" poor baby.

He's doing fine tonight. He'll tell you his blood pumps from his heart, he'll show you where the blood came out, he'll tell you about his brain and he'll show you his stickers.

Tomorrow I am taking the boys to the dentist for just a check up... when I told Derek that he said "yeah, sure right like today was just suppose to be the lab" it's always an adventure stick around.

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