Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where did those 4 years go?

Joseph will ask me "how old is my foot?" or "how old is my ear?" and he goes down his whole body all the way to his toes. I tell him everything is 4. He shakes his head like "ok got it, thanks" and off he goes then he comes back as if he remembered he forgot to ask me how old this part is. It's cute.
I dont know where the past 4 years have gone. How did he get to be 4 so fast?
I remember when I just didnt feel right. Thought traveling and eating too much cheesecake was getting to me. Was not expecting to be pregnant. My whole life changed when this little chunk came along. All of our lives have changed.
But it's made us all better people in so many ways. He's always smiling. Usually very happy. Gets up in the morning ready to go till he just passes out. A whirlwind of energy. I guess the time went so fast because we ran through it.
Today has been all about all the new stuff. The new books, the new trucks, the new soccer game. It's all new and wonderful and he's 4 today. Yes baby I dont know how it happened but you are indeed 4.

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