Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Big Day Recap.

* Joseph woke up and said "Is Big Tall Ryan's wedding today?" and we told him yes it was and he did a little arm pump and said "YES I knew it" and when daddy was getting him dressed he said "I so happy Big Tall Ryan's wedding is today".
* My boys looked wonderful.
* The wedding was beautiful. Outside, setting sun. Dragon flies flying about. Fans and colored umbrellas made it so festive. The sound was perfect I could hear every single word, the music was fitting for the couple. Perfect.
* The reception was perfect. The food was great, the beer was good my boys had gift bags to keep themselves happy. Jelly Belly's on the table were fun. The reception was perfect. Dancing took place in a room just off of the main reception room which was perfect so those that did not dance could still sit and visit.
* The cake was delicious.
* It was so good to see friends and family I haven't seen in a very long time.
* Joseph was having such a good time dancing.

I uploaded some photo's from the day on the flickr badge up in the right hand corner. If you click on it you can see them. The best photo's are on the 35mm camera and we will have those developed later in the week and I'll share those too so these are just a small taste.
Today we are tired and just hanging out waiting for tomorrow...the first day of school.

I tried to enjoy every single moment yesterday and I think I succeeded. And if you ever get the chance to have some Almond Champagne... DO IT! It's amazing!

Congratulations to Ryan and Whitney it was a perfect day. I hope you're both happy with it. I think it was a dream wedding. You did an amazing job with everything.

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