Saturday, August 25, 2007

Easy Button

Yesterday I needed an easy button in a Big Big way.
Derek was going to have a friend for school over to play. I told the boys that we could get Slurpees after school so off we went to get those and headed home to wait for the little friend to come over. We're hanging out eating Nacho's and Slurpees and Red Vines. 4 o clock Derek comes to me and says "Mom my wire broke" YIKES. I call the orthodontist and (mind you it's Friday afternoon!) and they say bring him now. So I am grabbing stuff and he's heading out to the car. I walk out into the garage and find the little friend has showed up and his mom just dropped him off and left zooom. She's gone. So I figure well you're coming along. I look in my purse to find I dont have my keys. THEY. ARE.IN.THE.HOUSE! The door is locked. UGH. The neigbor kids see us in the garage and now they are here too. So I have 5 kids, a ticking clock, a broken wire and NO KEYS.
I call Dom. I paniced. I am better than that but I paniced. I call my dad but he's not hearing the phone. I called my mom and she was just leaving work and Thank God she had keys to my house with here. So she zooms across town and lets us in the house. I cram the 3 kids I am in charge of into the car and send the other 2 home and zoom across town to the orthodontist.
It was crazy crazy but I did it. I survived, like I always do.
And... I spoke to my neighbor today she's getting a copy of my house key so hopefully that won't happen again. Oy!

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Balancing Act; Jenn said...

What are red vines?

We all have moments when we panic. You like (we like to think) we can handle anything on our own but it takes help sometimes like in the case of me and the big bad wasp. You needed help to get in the house! Better than anything you are but sometimes we just gotta break down and get that help. I have been learning this for about four years now. Before that, I woudln't ask for help for anything. Now these days, I realize, when I need help, I need help. What can you do?

:) I'm glad it all worked out.