Thursday, August 09, 2007

Here comes the wedding guest.

Dom and I dont go out much by ourselves and that's ok most of the time. The kids will only be this little for a short time. So trips and outings and movies are things that make them happy. Last night we took them to the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz and if this is what the Boardwalk does to Joseph I cannot imagine what Disneyland will do for him. He will explode!
Needless to say he had a super good time.
We all did. A late night so worth it.

My cousin's wedding is this Saturday my boys have been dizzy happy about it for months. The last few weeks have been toture for them. Especially Joseph. Poor Joe the waiting.

I am very happy for my cousin to start this new chapter in his life. Marriage can be a wonderful thing when the right two people come together for the right reasons. More on that later not today. And I think they are the right people and all is well and Whitney will be in our family for many years (poor girl) and they will have the cutest little girl babies you have ever seen.
I am excited for my boys to see a wedding and be with family and friends it will be a great day. I am even more excited for me. It's a chance for me and my hubby to get all dressed up and hang out and dance (he said he would maybe just once). It's almost like a date for us. So very exciting for me

So I did a trial run of my hair today. This is major. This is important. I curled it all up and tried out some make up ideas. I presented my curly locks to my boys and the neighbor boys and they said "You look like you just got out of bed" how nice of them. They have a few years till they start dating thank goodness. Well see what Dom says about the hair.

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