Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I did not sleep well last night. Had lots on my mind. Two kids up once a piece. Was up for the day at 5am. Into the kitchen I go to see the sun coming up and ANTS. All over the kitchen. Damn ants. Dominic has to count them... "There is one.. here's two that's three" and I hate when he does that. Just kill them lets not take roll call for God Sake!
Ok spray, kill them, wipe up the dead bodies move on with the day.
Take #1 boy to school come home and look thru #2 boys closet to find one jumpy bug and a very big, very fast moving spider! I swear I wanted a flame thrower to kill all these BUGS. What is up with all of these bugs?!?!
Moving along. Log onto my online class... not fun, think I may drop...oh yes and maybe that one too UGH don't these instructors realize I have two kids and a husband piles of laundry and they want a video diary? that has to be mailed to Maine...... log on the online back account that is always fun to look at... and then...
I get an email. A new baby born early this morning. Tiny little boy.
And well you can't help but think all hope is not lost when a tiny boy is born.
Welcome to the world Cannon Hunter Routt. Your first day here did not start off very well for me oh no. But your daddy is so happy you're here and he's going to teach you lots of "manly" things. It's not always the greatest place to be but honestly it's not so bad here on earth. Welcome my friend. And congratulations to Jim and Krista I am glad he's here and all is well. Now the real fun truly begins but when you come across a long lost handy dandy notebook and you flush a spider down the toilet and your little son says "Oh tank ewe mama for fiding my handy dandy notebook and flushin dat pider down da toilet I wuv ewe too much" well it makes just about any day a lot better.

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