Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Little Me Tell You All A Story

I don't pay the bills with checks. I pay them online. It's instant. The payment is posted, the money is out of the account no waiting for checks to clear or payments to post. Bam.
My husband is old school he likes to write out checks.

We had a hefty water bill to pay so for some reason I wrote a check. I wrote 2 checks to the city actually one for the water and one to enroll Joseph in a soccer class. The checks posted in our bank account and we received confirmation of enrollment in the class. All is well right? We get a notice in the mail that the amount has not been received for the water bill. I saw the check clear our account I thought that perhaps they sent the notice out before the got the check and I cursed myself for making out a darn check.

Today a City truck rolls by the house and I get a bit nervous. I go on to our online account for the city and low and behold no payment has posted. I call the city and tell them they cashed the check but did not post a payment to our account. He says he needs a copy of the check. No problem I do the online bank thing I'll print one out.
Nope. It won't print. I call the 800 that came up on my image it said "If you cannot view this image call this number" I do and the lady says
"Are you in California?" and I say "yes"
"You are IN California" she says
"Last time I checked I was IN California" I say.
"Your account was opened and is IN California" she says. Heavy breathing on my part "YES I am in, MY account is IN my house, this phone EVERYTHING BUT YOU APPARENTLY IS IN CALIFORNIA!!" I say.
"Yes I am in New England" she says

(Side note is New England a state, a town? No it's just a football team honey. I am pretty sure New England is a region. Am I right? I KNOW WHERE I AM. YOU my dear have no clue!!)

"Oh well" she says "I am so sorry but you have to call a different number"
"Not the number the printed on the document in place of the information I needed" I ask
"yes not that number" she says"
"So my online account doesn't know that I am in California so it gave me the number to New England?" I ask
"yes I am afraid so"

The conversation went on and on for several moments and she gave a bunch of numbers to call for this and that and said I could try to contact my local branch but might not help much. So I called my friend who works for Bank of America and she told me to come to her house and she is going to help me... I hope.
Good grief.
So I shall remain an online bill paying girl from this day forward writing checks totally bites so help me Bill Gates and Al Gore.


Anonymous said...

I bet you bank at Bank of America.
From another state they can't see our account or something like that.
It is mind boggling in this day and age.


Anonymous said...

Yes, New England is a region, but many people from that region consider themselves New Englanders. The girl you were speaking to probably doesn't normally deal with callers from outside her region since, like you said, the number you were given was wrong. Anyone within that region wouldn't even question it.