Thursday, September 13, 2007


I really don't like this Yo Gabba Gabba show. I am not a big fan of Doodlebops either. The songs are pretty simple and I guess the kids can pick them up and sing along. But ugh! They just repeat one word over and over and the scenes just jump around it's like being on speed or something. Good God. Then Little Bear comes on with that soothing music and I slip right into a coma!

And as if kids didn't yell and scream enough apparently Dora can't hear because you have to YELL at her and she just looks at you with those big eyes as if she can't hear you and you just want to smack her because how can she not hear ME? And why are you asking me Dora where we need to go YOU HAVE THE MAP!?! You my friend Dora have everything the map, the backpack. I have nothing. And your special cousin Diego he is the Extreme Sport dude. He has zip cord boards and para sails. WOW. Derek wants to know why Dora and Diego can drive a car and he cant. I have no answers. I say she lives in Mexico and all the rules are different there and he wants to move there so he can drive a car. Thanks Dora.

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Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Can't stand the Gabba Gabba show. What the heck? Don't even get it. Dora I can take and for some reason, Doodlebops I can take. How about Hip Hop Harry? What the?
Don't get it. Not at all....