Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Swinging the Mojo

So much to tell...

* At 10 am Dom has a job interview at his current job location just for another/better job. Swing me the mojo for him ok?

* Derek is having some MAJOR sleep issues. We are having a chat with the school psychologist (I know mom gotta bring you up to speed on this..) swing me the mojo that this goes well. I am waiting for her to call me and funny thing is we went to school together so it will be a mini reunion type of thing. Good to have friends in high places.

* Watch LA Ink tonight (October 2nd check your cable or satellite provider) my friend Carlos will be on it getting his ink. So cool.

* DRUM ROLL.... last night 8:30 after eating 3 granola bars and a half bag of steamed broccoli Joseph said he needed a diaper to make a poop. I said "Hey we dont have any diapers" he frantically tore his room apart looking for one. Next thing I know I hear him in the bathroom grunting and groaning. I go over to the closed door and ask him what he's doing and he says "Making hot poopie" and sure enough he did. WE ARE DONE. No more diapers. No more wipes. WOO HOO.
I am so so happy. I told him he was a big boy and he said "I want Nana get Papa's truck and go to store and get me that talking kitchen in the morning" I told him Santa could bring it and he seemed ok with that. I cleaned him up without the cold wipe and he said "That's it?" and when we told him yeah he said "I gonna do that again tomorrow" You go for it little dude. GO.FOR.IT!

Swing that mojo around my friend. Swing.It.Around!

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Balancing Act; Jenn said...

yah Jospeh! It's a done deal now Tammy. rock on!