Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here is what I know today.

I have learned over the years to never say never.
Never say "I am never having kids" I have two.
Never say "I would never, ever ....." and insert whatever. I have learned that as soon as I say that, well I find myself knee deep in the very thing I swore I would never do. It's life.
What I really dislike is when you're trying to help someone and they throw in your face... "I Would never do that" like you are crazy to begin with to even, ever suggest such a horrible thing and my God you're just trying to help.

The path I am taking, thanks to a wonderful instructor I have, is self actualization. If I want it, if I want it to happen, I will visualize it and see the best way to make it happen. Anything can happen and while you're working on it you might come across some pretty cool things along the way you would have missed.

I had a great chat with an old friend today. She always zaps me out of funks. I love her laugh. Thanks for the call Liz. I had a great late night chat with Carla. Remind me of the old days, baby sleeping, daddy's gone, trying to make it through a stormy night. We have been through a lot in the short time we have been friends. sigh.

What I know for sure is Algebra kicks my butt every darn day. You my friend Sergio kick butt and when your a doctor I am going to come to you in my old age with all of my complaints.

Another round of tylenol my good man, Derek is still ill. Cheers!

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