Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's always better the day after.

Today I had some air in my step. Our team won last night. The Sharks played well and won big and moved on to the next round. Dominic's very generous cousin offered ME a seat to Sunday's game and I am so excited. My wonderful mom agreed to watch the boys for me. Dom and I saved some cash and I am hoping to score a "Who's Your Nabby"
t shirt.Yes life is all good the day after a win.

I wasn't ready for the season to be over. I wasn't ready for a long hockeyless summer. The question now might be am I ready for Dallas?
You gotta have faith in your team if you're a real fan. You have to have faith in your coach. You can't count on lucky shirts, beard growth and pennies you find on game day that happen to have your birthday year. Nope. You can count on good players and a great goalie and a great coaching staff and a Tank full of Teal.

So much hocey talk I know. I think we become bigger hockey fan's every year. Dominic and Joe and I enjoy a great hockey game. Even better when the Sharks are behind the sticks and are winning.

So if Wilson (San Jose's coach) can please let Brown out on the ice on Sunday I might just think I am in heaven.

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