Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You may recall last year I went head over heels for a purse that ended up costing a ton of cash.
I haven't had a new purse in a long time and I only own two and they are both black and I was thinking a new one would change things up a bit. So instead of doing my homework..oops I was online browsing and I found this purse...

I loved that is giraffe print. Love that. So different.
It's a Michael Kors. Little did I know it meant it was a $298 purse!!! OMG. (Oh My God)
Maybe I can find a fake, knock off somewhere. One of these days when my education is done I will own a nice purse. I haven't had a nice purse that cost more than $9.00 since I got married. Not a big deal but I do have a fondness for purses just like all girls do. I find I am drooly over them lately. I am drooly over this one right now, but just like the last purse I was drooly over, it will pass.

What are you drooly over these days, tell me.


Anonymous said...

It is a great purse. I have my eye on a Dooney & Burke that is pink and green. I think it was meant for me... come on pink and green.


Jenn said...

Drooly......hmmmm....clothes in general, new shoes, all things I do not need...just drooly wants. Brighton, love Brighton stuff, silver jewelry..ok I AM going on. Silly me. It'll never happen. Negative. But a girl can Yes.