Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I am so darn sleepy. What is my problem? I have not been sleeping well at night and staying up too late. Been really tired during the day and I think it might be from the darn allergy pills I have had to take lately. Spring. Oh how I hate you spring.

Finals are looming for me. Last minute projects are everywhere. Look here's one now.

So my speech class is fun and my instructor rocks but some of the students in it bug me. So I have this personal challenge. Christopher in my class can use any speech topic and find a way to talk about a comic book in relation to it. Interpersoanl Relationships and he It's pretty funny and pretty good. So I told him I bet I could use our next speech topic and throw hockey in somehow. It's like that old six degree's thing ..everything is related some how.
Our topic for this final project is taking an aspect of some culture that you do not belong to and talk about. So I took Native American Burial rituals...and I am throwing in some hockey. Fun. Zing.
I am taking it from a Blackhawk prespective not so much a Sharks prespective. Wish me luck.

Ok I think it's waffels for dinner tonight doesn't that sound nice? Nice warm belly full of waffels and sleepy time for me and the kids. That's the plan.

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