Thursday, May 01, 2008

So what is your story?

I think everyone has a story. I love hear other people's stories.
Tomorrow I get to be on the other side of the story. Tomorrow I will be interviewed by a Special Needs class for a project they are doing. Oh.My. I hardly know what to say/think about all of this.

When things happen in my world I often don't have time to think, I have to just react. When Derek was born I could not throw up my hands and say "Oh you know I wanted a healthy baby." and when Dom went to Iraq I couldn't just say "Oh I don't want to do this" nope. Same when we found out Joseph had had a stroke. You gotta roll with it. My buzz phrase was "It'll be fine" and sometimes my mother would say "You always say that.." what choice did I have really?
I try to be a bit more proactive and less reactive honestly but sometimes things go a different way.
So I'll share my story tomorrow and it's just what it is. It is my life and how it goes. Nothing I can do about it and honestly I wouldn't change a thing. I love my boys, my hubby, my family and the wonderful people that Cerebral Palsy has brought into my life. Some wonderful mothers from the boys in Joseph's class and some wonderful therapist that I call my friends.
Things happen for a reason. As long as you pick up and move on you're moving in the right direction.

Today we have been a quest for a new phone for the house. What an issue that has been. So we got one at Target and it was to horrible we took it back. Off to Staples we went for a new one. It too was horrible. I picked the boys up from school and ran to Staples to take it back and was going to go into WalMart to get a new one. That was where it all went wrong. Joseph wanted an Icee and a candy and a ball I need a ball so badly. He put himself down on the floor in WalMart. So I walked off. Wrong. That mother glared at me.
I picked him up and he screamed. Wrong now that mother over there is looking at me.
I abandoned my quest and walked out of the store. Now the whole parking lot glared at us. Now Derek is upset his brother is screaming and giving him a headache.
Now Joseph hears sirens it's the police and they are coming to get him. His screaming and praying "Please don't come get me" good grief what an ordeal.
I never have the right answer when that happens. I tell him no. Not today. I never give in and buy him what he is screaming for. That is not right.
All the way home he screamed and cried.
Ok we're home. He's in his jammies having a snack. He is better.
Then Derek starts in. He wants Grand Theft Auto. All of his friends have it, why can't he have it? UGH. They tag team me.
This parenting thing ---- ugh!

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