Tuesday, May 13, 2008

US Mint Helps with Stroke Awareness.

Remember folks May is Stroke Awarness Month.


Presidential Coin Commemorates John Quincy Adams who died from stroke
Denver, CO (May 14, 2008) - National Stroke Association is joining with the United States Mint
in celebrating the release of the new President John Quincy Adams $1 coin. Our nation’s sixth
president suffered a stroke on the floor of the House of Representatives in 1848. He died two days
“We are so pleased to join with the U.S. Mint during the release of this coin because it once again
helps us to bring the issue of stroke to the forefront of the nation and empower stroke survivors,
caregivers and the general public to prevent stroke and take emergency action when stroke
occurs,” said Jim Baranski, Executive Director and CEO of National Stroke Association.
John Quincy Adams served as president from 1824 until 1828. He then was elected to another
term in Congress where he suffered a stroke. According to the U.S. Mint, this 6th coin in the
Presidential series may be used for everyday commerce but is also intended to be an educational
“So much has changed in the world of stroke, especially in the past three years. We now have an
easy FAST way to recognize stroke symptoms and stroke center hospitals that specialize in the
latest stroke care. It is so important for the public to learn the FAST stroke recognition method
and to know where their closest stroke center hospital is located,” added Baranski.
It is very easy to learn the FAST method for recognizing stroke symptoms:
F = FACE Ask the person to smile, does one side of the face droop?
A= ARM Ask the person to hold both arms outstretched, does one arm drift downward?
S= SPEECH Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence, does the speech sound slurred?
T= TIME If anyone experiences any of these symptoms, time to call 9-1-1 and ask to be
taken to the nearest stroke center hospital
Stroke Center Hospital locations can be found on the National Stroke Association website at
www.stroke.org. Click on Emergency Stroke Center Locations.
National Stroke Association representatives are available around the country for live or taped
To download an image of the John Quincy Adams Presidential $1 Coin, go to:
National Stroke Association is the only national non-profit which devotes 100% of its resources
to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation issues surrounding stroke. For more information please
call 1-800-STROKES or log onto our website at www.stroke.org.

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