Friday, June 20, 2008


Is it the weather? Is it today being the longest day? First day of summer. I am not sure. I can't concentrate. I am all over the place. I am frustrated with people. I feel that I have decisions to make and I am not sure so I am sitting. Don't bug me. Don't rush me. Don't push me. I am going to sit here and think about it. Dom is cool with that and that's all that matters. I am staying put.

So I understand if you need some time to sit and think about what matters to you. I get that. What I wish is that if you call me and want my advice you know I am going to give it to you. I know just because I am giving you this advice does not mean you're going to do what I think you should do. You have to do what feels right. I get that. What makes me crazy is flopping about. I am pushed and pulled in all directions. I know it's a tough time. I get that. I get that. (I am screaming cuz I am there too. ) But I say instead of running about with no idea what to do, just sit. Sit with it. Yes it's going to be hard. I have had to sit with lots of things and really hold it in my hands. I find when I am busy, just crazy busy and not really sitting with something, it's my way of avoiding it and that never works.
So... ok hang in there. Sit down it's not going to go away tomorrow (sorry about that) and just stop running about.

So is this you? Do you think I am talking about you? Maybe so. Today I am frustrated with lots of folks.
I am frustrated.
I've got my own stuff. I will be here for you for your stuff.
I HAD to get that off my chest. Just had to.

Hockey News skip it Modesto...

In other news I am happy that the NHL draft is underway. Ho hum. Check out those boys! Birth dates of 1990. OH MY GOD! Biologically I could be their mother. UGH! So young. Too young to be skating with Chelios (no word on his retirement) and Roenick In some ways fall cannot come soon enough for me. Hockey I miss ya. sigh.


Anonymous said...

well, thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

don't worry I won't bug you again