Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In A Perfect World

In a perfect world.
... people will have babies easily when they are ready and able to care for a child and not pop them out like Pez when they are not. No one will struggle with infertility. It's painful, expensive and tears your soul up.
...mothers will not die until their babies are grown and they won't leave them because it's too hard to deal with them.
...mothers and fathers won't bury their babies...ever!
...Wars will be fought by Presidents and Generals not Privates and young men.
... every mother and father on the planet will be able to feed their children every night. This might go back to bullet point #1.

I live in a good school district. I spend a lot of time sheltered from what goes on across the tracks from where I live. I have spent the last 2 weeks in other schools in my town. It saddens and amazes me. I agree with my friend Mindy if you squint when you look at some of these kids you can see what these kids will be like when they are adults and sometimes that makes my stomach turn a little. Sometimes you see great things hiding just beyond the eyes and I hope they make it. The odds are stacked against some of them but you hope. My friend Heather studied child psychology and her father asked her what was she going to do if she can't save them all? Yes that bothers me too. Every child should have clean clothes, food in his belly, a nice bed to feel safe in every night. A loving home and a bright future.
Can I do anything with the 30 minutes a day I will see these kids? No but it won't stop me from doing it. Sometimes a speech session is more than working on saying Robbie Raccoon is running in the race. Sometimes it's listening to them and hearing them something that seems that doesn't happen for them often. Someone listening to them.
I don't live in a perfect world but maybe these kids can fix that if I help them. How is that for a plan?

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