Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rubber Sword Army

People have asked me today what I think of Sarah Palin. I watched her speech last night. I listened. I chewed on it. I guess since she's a "Special Needs Mom" I am suppose to identify with her. I so do not. Well for 1 she has a child with Down Syndrome and that is a whole different ball of wax than Cerebral Palsy. 2. I am a mom of a special needs child 24/7. She is not. She has a day job and what appears to be lots of help.
I don't think she is going to be on our side. I don't feel that she will speak for us. This is not her platform and why should it be. I think it's a card she didn't want to pull but she did how could she not?

I dislike her for several reasons and I like her for a few (her hubby would be nice to look at for the next few years and can't you see him and Cindy McCain hookin up? No. Maybe just me)
but the fact that she is the "mother" of a special needs child doesn't do a thing for me.

I leave you with some of Rob's words. I think he says it best. A long read for some but so so worth it.
Great job Rob.


Shauna said...

I thought you were/are a democrat? I am undecided. I do like her though. I didn't know she was/is a special needs mom. Just remember, you don't know the struggles she's been through and the fact that the kid is not in an institution says something.
Just a different perspective, I like to stir the pot.

Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Tamm aren't you saying you disagree with Sarah Palin? I'm confused. I read your post and agreed with all you said, then read Rob's (twice) and agreed wholly with what he said but now seeing Shauna's I'm confused. :) This is nothing new in my life; confusion. I agree with Rob, couldn't agree more. I'm just not sure what the discussion and debate on her is. Why people are falling over themselves for her is BEYOND me. Probably a great Mom, give her that, probably a decent Governor (though I've heard lots of controversy even of that now), and a fabulous human being. She should be in charge of our country. I'll say what I really think next time. ;)