Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lordy do I need sleep. Derek, Dom and I took a brief 15 min. nap today and at first I felt so good, but now... not so much.
Derek was home today with a sinus infection. Thank God it wasn't Strep Throat.

I haven't slept well lately. First there was the birthday thing for Derek (did I forget anything?) then my dad's surgery. Then... last night I read this stupid book "Choices" by that Notebook guy. UGH! Then it made me mad and I had to wait up till Dom got home to make sure he hadn't slipped into a coma... ugh. Tonight so help me I shall sleep and I shall start the sleep early.

Did anyone watch Fringe on Fox Last night? What a show. It was like X-files sort of but much better. I really liked it. I don't watch much tv so it better be darn good when I do.
It will hold me over till hockey season starts.

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