Sunday, September 07, 2008


I took a nice little nap. Maybe 30 minutes but it felt pretty darn good. Now I am totally ready for bed but that's a few hours off. I am knee deep (well sort of I am taking a detour right now) in studying the functions of the brain and language development. sigh. I am not as fascinated with the brain as I am the ear. Something about the ear I really dig, but for now my class is all about the brain. I swear I have a headache from looking at so many brains!

I watched some football...oh I really like football, going to do some more of that too and hang out with the boys and watch that silly game show "Hole In The Wall" . I hope it's as funny as it looks.
I really enjoyed that show "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" I love that stuff!

Tomorrow is my dad's surgery they are going to go in and rearrange his insides. I keep saying "By this time tomorrow he'll be done" . I remember about 11 years ago I spent a Sunday looking ahead to my surgery and saying the same thing ("By this time tomorrow we'll be holding our baby") and feeling generally horrible all day. My back was killing me and I felt sick (I was in labor and didn't know it). Sometimes I think I feel horrible the day before Derek's actual birthday and it's all in my head. Dom says it's because it's always so bloody hot.

So send my baby boy happy birthday mojo and send my dad good thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you all updated. I am going up to Standford on Wednesday to see him. I figure he just needs rest for the first two days and won't even know I am there till the grumpiness really sets in on Wednesday.
Ok back to my brains.

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