Monday, September 08, 2008

Update on Pops

My mom and dad, uncle Tom and aunt Sue went to Standford this morning, bright and early so my dad could have his insides rearranged and some precancerous cell's removed. Today being Derek's birthday, today being the 8th is a very lucky day. Seemed like a good day to have your insides rearranged right?

I didn't sleep well last night, I got up and we made chocolate chip pancakes for Derek and took donuts to his class and hung out with the great bunch of kids that they are and my phone rang. My aunt calling me to tell me that my dad was coming home!! Imagine my surprise. They told us he was going to have to stay at least 7 days and now they tell us he's coming home.

No surgery. No rearrange of his insides. Once they took a real good look inside him it all wasn't as bad as they thought (imagine that?) and there is another less evasive way to deal with it.

Derek was very happy. Joseph keeps wanting me to call and check on papa. I tell him "Papa is napping" and he says "I'll make the phone ring quiet" I tell him "We can go check on Papa tomorrow ok?" and he seems ok but he makes me promise.

Thank you all for the mojo and the prayers. I guess the old goat is going to be with us awhile longer.

That's a good thing.


Jill Dose said...

When I think of your dad, my most vivid memory is the New Year's Eve Buffie and I were hanging out at your house and when we left in our separate cars, Buffie started to drive without turning on her headlights. (Easy mistake, made it many times myself...). Well, poor Buffie, got pulled over right there on Cabrillo and your father, yells to your mom with anxiety in his voice "Mother, Buffie's been pulled over!" It was a vivid memory for me because at the time, my Dad was taking an entirely different route with his life and I was so impressed with your Dad's concern for us teenagers. There's that memory, and the fact that anyone who enjoyed the Trixie dog as much as I did, was certainly allright with me. Speedy recovery, Tammy's Dad.

Anonymous said...

This is great news...glad to hear it!


Balancing Act; Jenn said...

Prayers and well wishes answered. Very happy for all of you, especiall your mom and dad. Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Certainly an answer to prayers. Lot's of Kahns and ex-Kahns and in-law-Kahns all wishing your Dad the best. Somebody must have listened!!I know there will be continued support in the weeks to come.
Much love, Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Phil.